Protecting Children by Promoting Science & Common Sense

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The Problem

The Family Justice Resource Center believes that every child deserves to have a safe childhood free of abuse and neglect. We support the child welfare system’s efforts to protect children and ensure that children are in safe environments.

All too often, the child welfare system’s one-size-fits-all approach results in an equally damaging outcome— innocent families being wrongly accused of abuse and neglect.

Wrongful allegations of abuse and neglect have devastating effects on children, families, and society:

  • Children are traumatized by removal from loving homes, sometimes permanently. Even short-term removal can result in lifelong trauma and attachment issues.

  • In addition to being wrongly separated from their children, families often face loss of employment, extreme legal costs, and loss of public standing.

  • Child welfare resources are wasted on wrongful allegations, resulting in less financial and human resources they can dedicate to investigating cases of actual abuse and neglect.

  • As the public has become more aware of the prevalence of wrongful allegations, there has been a general loss of faith in the child welfare system, resulting in less reporting of cases of actual abuse and neglect.

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Our Mission

The Family Justice Resource Center seeks to be a resource for families facing wrongful allegations of abuse and neglect, with an emphasis on medically-based allegations. We also advocate for family-centered reforms of the child welfare system. We do this by:

  • Completing a thorough intake process

  • Assisting families in obtaining effective legal representation

  • Serving as a liaison between families and medical experts

  • Educating attorneys, healthcare providers, and the public about the prevalence and impact of medically-based wrongful allegations of abuse

  • Advocating for policies and practices of child protective services system participants that advance the exoneration of innocent parents and the protection and families from wrongful separations and restrictions on their family life.