Protecting Children, Promoting Science

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The Problem

Due to underlying medical conditions and common childhood injuries, far too many innocent Central Illinois families are finding themselves wrongfully accused of intentionally harming their child.  Wrongful allegations of abuse are resulting in traumatized children, fractured families, significant financial losses and imprisonment. 

Not only are wrongful allegations harming innocent families, but they are diverting limited Central Illinois resources away from pursuing cases of actual abuse and neglect.

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Our Mission

Pediatric Accountability in Central Illinois (PACI) exists to improve the accuracy of child abuse and neglect investigations in the 52-county area surrounding Peoria, Illinois.  We seek to educate members of the medical, legal and law enforcement communities about the medical conditions and accidental injury findings that mimic abuse and neglect findings.  

We seek to be a resource for not only wrongly accused families, but also to the Central Illinois pediatric community.